Finally,last bag of the year has arrived and I was so excited to receive it.Firstly,because my subscription ended and I have renewed it and secondly,it is themed to be ‘Party All Night’.The theme raised the excitement to check out the products I have got in my last fab bag of the year.

As I said,it’s ‘The Party All Night’ edition for this month,I expected products to be all party ready make up essentials.Though to my utter disappointment,only one of the product has been received which can be used for your New Year eve. All other products were skincare and wellness.Still,I was awestruck by the fab bag packaging bag.Read on to know more.

From last few subscriptions,Fab bag was offering an option to choose one product of your choice but this time they had an option to choose one bag of our choice of all the previous bags of 2015.Isn’t that great? But I preferred not to make a choice and receive whatever they chose to send me.

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I read what other subscribers have got in their fab bag and found out that I kind of received few better products.

So,this time I have received five products in my pretty pink bag.

The bag received is a baby pink shimmery pouch and is perfect for ‘The Party All Night’ theme. As usual,the quality of bag is  amazing and can be used to store your make up essentials.

Products received :
  1. SUGAR Matte As Crayon Lipstick – Mary Poppins + Sharpener (Full Size :Rs799/-)
  2. Kronkare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm (Full Size: Rs.95/- for 10ml)
  3. Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub (Rs.1100/- for 200 gms)
  4. Lever Ayush Headache Naashak Roll-on (Rs.199/- for 10ml)
  5. Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend (Rs.2970/- for 240gm )


  • SUGAR Matte As Crayon Lipstick – Mary Poppins + Sharpener (Full Size :Rs799/-)

I read it on Fab Bag webpage that this time they have introduced Sugar Cosmetics and I was really excited to try these colors by the brand. I have received ‘Mary Poppins Shade’. I will review it full in my next post. The lip crayon received is a full sized one and priced at Rs.799/- plus it’s own sharperner.

The lipshade received is in bright pink or you can say purple pink color. I loved it,TOTATLLY !


  • Kronkare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm (Full Size: Rs.95/- for 10ml)

It’s winter and I got this lip balm in my Fab Bag. To send this was a good idea but I already have lot many lip balms but this is a bit different. I mean usually we get lip balms in different kind of fruity flavors but this one has that refreshing minty effect in lips.

Best part is it is silicone and paraben free.It keeps your lip moisturised for 3-4 hours and as it says it is a colling explosion lip balm. It is actually!

  • Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub (Rs.1100/- for 200 gms) 

A great product and must try. This green mint cooling foot scrub has mint fragrance and claim to contain Ocean Salt and Minerals.After one or two use you will see the result. I do it before going to bed and it really helped by feet.

Cooling Peppermint & Lemongrass essential oils comfort, calm & refresh feet, promoting total relaxation.

You just have to apply it all over wet feet & massage in circular motion for 5 mins, working extra on dry & rough areas. Wash off & wipe dry. Tada! Happy Feet Ready.

  • Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend (Rs.2970/- for 240gm )

I have a deep inclination towards fragrance filled body butters.My first impression of these butter blend tubes was like Dude! what they have actually send me this time. Without wasting anymore time I removed the cap of the one of the tubes.

Tried a lot to squeeze the content out of it and realised you have to cut the tube pointed top.These tubes came in two fragrances; MILK and HONEY and the second one in PAPAYA AND GUAVA.

Both have exotic fragrances leaving your hands smooth and supple after application. Though it doesn’t last for couple of hours time so you have to reapply it. But it is an amazing hand,foot and body butter. I personally liked the Papaya and Guava one.



  • Lever Ayush Headache Naashak Roll-on (Rs.199/- for 10ml)

The last product in the bag was – the Aayush Headache Naashak 2ml sample size roll on. I had a really tough day and worse headache of my life coincidentally. I thought this is best time to try this. IT REALLY WORKED.

As claimed,it is really good for headaches during cold, congestion and feels quite relieving. Moreover,this small 2ml roll on is perfect to carry along.





And lastly we have the best part of fab bag i.e Fab Post booklet.It had some amazing tips and tricks to try out this New Year.
I loved all the products in this December Fab Bag. Though I expected some of the other beauty products to arrive but the products sent were totally worth subscribing the bag again. I got the products more than the amount I paid for my monthly subscription.

Go grab this fab bag HERE .

Hope you have a great New Year.


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