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How are we doing? Delhi weather is going colder with every passing day and because of winters our skin also need extra attention.I am sure we all are very much prep for the on going weather.

Here,today I’m sharing the review of my November Fab Bag which I had received almost a week back.As I always use the products first and then review them and this time also I have done the same.

This month’s theme is “Up Your Game – The Expert Game” and they’ve introduced a new makeup brand – Lollipops Paris.

This time products have been sent in glossy black pouch with zig-zag print embossed on it.Unlike last month it not a cloth bag instead a PU material which contains 4 products –  1 full-size makeup product, 2 samples of skincare products, 1 body care product.Apart from these there was a usual FabPost booklet with some tips and things to try and a 10% of on my next Fab Bag.

Continue reading to know why I have received 10% coupon on my next month bag.

This is third and last month of my subscription and I really enjoyed receiving these cute little goodie bags every month as they give you a SELFIE SURPRISE. LOL

Trust me it does. You don’t know what is coming next in your fab bag so curosity is always 100 % percent high.

Coming bag to November Fab Bag,I already told you about the pouch.Let’s talk about the contents now.

  1. Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals Massage Candle  – Rs. 300/- for 50 ml.
  2. Ayoma Fairness & Cell Renew Night Cream – Rs. 195/- for 15 gm.
  3. Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer – Light Beige – Rs. 800/- for 5.5 ml.
  4. Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 –  Rs.  400/- for 50 ml. 

This time also we got a chance to choose one product of our choice . I chose Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 for my fab bag. I have not tried a sunscreen plus mist till now,so I thought this is a good opportunity to try this product and find out if it is worthy to buy next time or not.

Now,lets see what  have to say about every product which I have received this November.

1. Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals Massage Candle  – Rs. 300/- for 50 ml.

Wait,What? Massage Candle? You must be thinking either it’s a typo or Fab Bag has gone nuts to send something like this. *wink*

No Kidding! This is actually a massage candle.Now,you do not have to rub the candle on your body instead light it up for 4-5 minutes and collect the oil with the spatula and apply it on the body and massage nicely. I used it on my mom and she loved it. For me,I love the fragrance. As I was massaging her,I could the oil gets absorbed in the skin leaving the skin smooth and supple.

I received a full-size massage candle which is enriched with 100% pure dead sea minerals and vitamins. It has very aromatic,great to smell fragrance which I really liked.

Alas! To my mom the massage was soothing.

Recommended – Yes. A Must Try.

 2. Ayoma Fairness & Cell Renew Night Cream – Rs. 195/- for 15 gm.

As second product,the bag contains 15 gms sample of this Parabens free night cream. It claims to fade dark spots and helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.I have just started using it.It has just been a week. My skin feels great in the morning.Rest about dark spots and lines ,let’s see how it works.

I had received a night serum in my September fab bag as well,that was also a good product to use. I guess Fab Bag gets good night serums and creams for a GOOD NIGHT. 😉

The cream is good to apply and boasts of being cell renewing and fairness night cream.So,I am waiting for some great magic to happen to my under eye bags. 

Recommended – Not Bad.Must Try.

3. Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer – Light Beige – Rs. 800/- for 5.5 ml.

First reaction – oh no! again a concealer. Next reaction- Thank God.It’s not a stick like last time.

I got the shade Light Beige which is a close match to my skin tone. It came with a spongy applicator which I thought will be easy and good to use and it is also.

This liquid concealer claims to hide skin imperfections and gives a smooth, matte finish.But what it truly does is nothing.Frankly speaking,Make Revolution Concealer after using it for few time became much smoother to apply and does a fair job on the blemishes and spots.

I am sorry to say but this did not work for me. It gives very little or next to what BB creams give you sort of coverage. 

Recommended – No,if you are looking for  concealer to completely hide your flaws and blemishes. 

4. Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 –  Rs.  400/- for 50 ml. 

Winter is here.No sun! But you still need a sunscreen to protect your skin from those ultraviolet rays.It is a mist though with sun protection.So,dual job done.A small portable bottle which is very handy.

It comes in a normal spray bottle with the transparent cap.Don’t expect some lemonish fragrance or something.Instead,it is a mild chemical fragrance which gradually fades after few seconds.So,no big deal.

Umm,another thing is the mist is not like a mist,it just dispenses a thin stream of water onto your face. I wish a bursting mist came out of it.But nevertheless,it leaves a very cool effect after one spray itself.

It is very light on skin and does not make my face oily at all.At times when you don’t wish to use it as refreshing mist.Just spray it on your face,use a wipe clean your face and as a result you will find clean,dirt free skin.It is very refreshing  and SPF 25 for added protection is really awesome.

Recommended – Yes.

Next is the Fab Post booklet with some tips and ideas.I love it.Seriously.


10% Discount on my next Fab Bag –

You forgot this right? I did not. 😛 Well,as my subscription ends this month.So,Fab Bag has given me 10% discount for my next subscription.Yes! I am opting for it. 😛

Stay tuned for more.

Anyways,the theme was UP YOUR GAME.I believe somewhat theme was deviated from the products being sent.Looking at the card girl,I though some blush ons or lipcolor has been sent. Still a decent bag for November Skin Care and protection.

Funny Picture.Uh!! Just to make you smile 😛


So,this was all about November Fab Bag.Less to write this time.Phew!Lol.

Hope you liked this article. Give a thumbs up,if you did.Share some love

Until then,

Stay Fab,Stay Chic.


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