Does growing old scare you? Are you petrified to go through Botox or several other anti-aging injections and treatments knowing about their side effects? Not only are the costs involved in these treatments exorbitant, but they do not last long enough and have to be repeated.

You will be tickled pink to know that The Gujarmal Modi Hospital & Research Centre (GMHRC) has come up with their latest offering – the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre. With a focus on Preventive Healthcare, the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre has launched in New Delhi this February. The Centre promises to be a pioneer in Proactive Healthcare, introducing a new standard of care that has been developed by some of the world’s leading Anti-Aging doctors. This is the first of many world-class services that will be on offer at the upcoming Saket Mediciti in Saket, New Delhi.

The Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre is India’s first and most innovative anti-aging centre that focuses on metabolic & functional wellness to reverse the age-related metabolic damage. It is a one-stop solution to lifestyle diseases that are commonplace today. This latest offering from Dr BK Modi owned Smart Group, follows his mantra of “helping people being Happy, Healthy and Wealthy beyond a 100.”

My latest visit to the centre was an insightful walk-through that helped me understand the holistic approach of the centre, where the focus is not just finding the cure instead, but reaching the ‘root cause’ of disease to prevent it in the long term.

The centre’s integrative approach combines the best of Proactive Healthcare, which has been developed by some of the world’s leading doctors who have qualified from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Through a mix of state of the art diagnostics, wellness programs, plant-based nutraceuticals, lifestyle support and Regenerative Medicine Techniques, services are devised to arrest and in most cases, reverse disease and extend individual health & vitality. In addition, the centre will also be offering Intravenous Therapies, Regenerative Cell Therapies and Aesthetic Treatments. What’s more is that all of their treatments are non-surgical and minimally invasive!

My visit to the centre was graced by various renowned doctors who practice at the centre and were available to answer several queries related to health, skincare and fitness.

The centre is the first of many world-class healthcare services that GMHRC plans to bring into India as a part of their upcoming project – Saket Mediciti which will be a fully integrated health hub with a Super Specialty Hospital, Assisted Living Centre, Medical Office Buildings, Stem Cell Bank & research and other facilities to cater to the Smart City of New Delhi.

If you are looking for long-term preventive measures instead to temporary surgical improvements then I would suggest that you must give the centre a visit as they have packages and services offered on the most reasonable and competitive pricing.

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