End of Season Sale banners are already screaming their lungs out to tempt us all and splurge money on all the best buys you can actually make yours ONLY during this time.


Though Sales have begun but still winters have not gone out of the doors. The weather is playing game,sometimes it chilly and other times its uncomfortably warm.

Fur (faux) are winter essentials and I literally have undeniable liking towards (faux) fur. I mean I love fur scarves,jackets,sweaters,beanies,shoes and whatever possible I can find. From being cuddly soft to adding grace to the outfit,there are endless reason to love fur outfits.

Mostly seen being worn as an outfit of elegance,fur can be sporty too. Have a look at the outfit being created with a monochrome fur sweater which I bought while street shopping ans just could not resist to buy.

I had paired it with a pair of studded flatforms to give it a sporty look and an Aeropostale bag to complement the whole outfit.

This Fur sweater can also be worn with a denim skirt and sneakers or you can choose to wear the way I did. Both ways it is an easy casual look.


Outfit Details :

Fur Sweater : Street Shopping

Denim : Forever21

Shades : Chloé

Bag : Aeropostale

Flatforms : (Local Store)Kamlanagar,Delhi

I hope you liked this look.Go, nail your college or casual look with some fur.




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