“Writing is the painting of the voice.”

Have you come across weirdos who buy stationary not to write instead to collect them? Well, if not, welcome to my world. Though I love to scribble, doodle, and even use my stationary for office purpose (huh! I know that is obvious! :|) but often buy them as collectibles.So do you? Then you are reading the right article, my friend. As for my undeniable love for stationary, I keep searching for websites or stores where I can get some cool, quirky and sometimes even CUSTOMIZED diaries, pens etc. A little while back, I wanted to give my mate a diary which could resemble her personality and in search of that, I stumbled upon a website which was offering something similar, even better-Doodle Collection. 

Doodle Collection – Get to know us!

Elegant, fun and chic! That’s what we are all about.
Doodle diaries are a unique combination of functionality and design.
From personal use to office use, our colorful, fun and fashion-forward, the range of Doodle diaries and notebooks are made to inspire you to write. Travelers, writer, music aficionado or fashionistas, we have the perfect diary that fits your persona.
Explore, play and join the journey that makes writing fun!


We all know that today is the age of going digital, but we can never deny the pleasure of writing our thoughts, emotions, and ideas on that soulful piece of paper which soaks everything inside it.Here comes Doodle Collection to offer you the coolest, colorful, fun and fashion forward collection which will, if not force you to write then surely to buy or gift one.

More than ten styles of diaries and notebooks to choose from, this website also has a variety to offer in planners, coasters.The list doesn’t end here, you may even buy gifts for her or him, even in combos and UNDER 500 GIFTS as well.

If you think that’s all, well, wait. You get an option to PERSONALIZE your collection on your favorite diaries. Get your brand, your name, friend’s name embossed.

“The high-quality raw material, a selection of color and with state of the art technology, each cover has a sensational tactile and distinct style” 

After receiving two diaries (delivery as swift as you can imagine), my first impression was “WOW”. It was as good as expected and also, with the high-quality paper being used. Pen literally glides over the paper and makes me go on writing. One of the limited edition diary which I had ordered is from their unique collection dedicated and an initiative to save the endangered species. A percentage of the amount you spend on those diaries goes to the NGO’S who are working towards saving these animals. Thoughtful, indeed.

Here are few of my favorite products from DOODLE COLLECTION:


This limited edition diary comes with a pendant as well and is my favorite.



 This gorgeously patterned diary comes with shimmer edges and can be picked up from Doodle Collection’s Shimmer category.



 New Year and New Resolutions – A perfect gift to give your friend to let them plan a hopeful year ahead.



 Best to buy if you are looking plan every day with fun and enjoyment.


 This exclusive collection designed for work and play purpose is apt for someone looking for a writing pad and sketch book in one. The edgy design makes it an apt choice for people looking subtle diaries.

You can buy them all HERE.

Hope this post helps to end your organizers and planners search and sort you out in buying the best of the customized gifts inconvenient pricing.



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