At the end of a wedding day, most people look like they’ve been through a war, or worse. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you build a look that always looks new and fresh.  

Here’re a few wedding guest makeup tips you could follow to maintain a clean appearance!


  • Clean your face!:  Now, I know this sounds obvious but don’t use that as an excuse to skip this step! It’s important to make sure that before you apply your make-up, your face is cleansed of bacteria to ensure that your make-up isn’t patchy.

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  • Pick the right kind of face-wash: It’s really important to understand what kind of skin you have, oily or dry; acidic or basic, to ensure that you pick the right kind of face-wash that allows your face to live its best version. The more balanced out your skin is, the longer your makeup will last, and the more natural it’ll look! Your wedding guest makeup looks do depend on your daily skincare routine as well!

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  • Hydrate your face! : This step sets the tone for your makeup for the rest of the day. All you have to do is apply a little Olay Active Hydrating Lotion, and rub it all over your face to make sure it is entirely covered.
  • Use primer for long-lasting looks: The primer is one of the most underrated makeup tools and the secret to wedding guest eye makeup. To make sure your eye-makeup lasts all day, it’s really important to apply eye primer as it gives your face a smooth surface that allows a base of foundation, and blending.
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  • Use the right type of foundation: It’s important to use oil-free foundation to ensure that your face doesn’t look oily and looks dewy instead! It’s also important to pick a foundation that matches your skin tone and undertones.

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  • Subtlety is the best! : Every Indian knows how long each day of an Indian wedding is, which is often visible on one’s face. The trick to wedding guest makeup looks is to go for looks that are subtle and that don’t put too much pressure on one’s face. Soft, nude colours are ideal!


Remember! You are not the bride, you need to look pretty, but not steal the show. Indian bridal makeup tips will suggest that brides need to put on layers of makeup for the million photographs being clicked, you are just a guest! You don’t need heavy makeup.


  • Strobing: Strobing is a technique that uses only a highlighter, giving you a fresh and dewy look. For a day as tiring as a wedding day, strobing gives you a natural glow, while giving all your features the attention they deserve.

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  • Water-proof eye makeup: All the dancing and the baarat-bazi during Indian weddings lead to one main thing: Sweat. That mixed with the humidity and the tears…well, you can imagine it’s not a pretty picture. Water-proof eye makeup ensures that you make it through the whole of the wedding without mascara running and smudging down your face.

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  • Smokey Eyes: Smokey eyes are one of fashion’s biggest hacks, and are the typical easy makeup for wedding guest. Because of their bold and husky look, they often hide one’s tired eyes!

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  • Wing your eyes away: Winged liner had taken the world by storm, and adds great definition to one’s eyes. However, they’re quite an art to master. One way to draw wings would be to hold a sheet of paper against the corner of one’s eyes and draw the outline of the wing, allowing symmetrical wings.

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  • Warm your eyelash curler: The sangeet started and you’re not done with your eye makeup as yet? A tip so saving time is to warm your eyelash curler with your hairdryer. The heat causes your eyelashes to curl faster!



These makeup tips and tricks will make your Indian wedding guest makeup journey a piece of cake!

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