“Wikka products are based on Aromatherapy, the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The aroma extracted from “essential” oils and natural products can stimulate brain function. Essential oils, when absorbed through the skin, can travel through the bloodstream and promotes holistic healing. “

Aromatherapy from last few years seems to be restoring its importance. The well-stablished and everyday growing beauty/skin care sector can finally see people looking for options to replace the chemicals filled beauty/skin care products with more skin-friendly and natural product. To be more precise, most of us today are looking for products which may help us in maintaining our skin balance for a longer term, if not forever.

When I said, “Aromatherapy is restoring its importance”; I wanted to inform you that it existed in some form for thousands of years. Though, it wasn’t until the 11th century when steam distillation first made it possible to properly remove the essential oils from plant materials. Since then, cultures around the world have utilized aromatherapy for a wide range of functions. Perhaps the most common countries to find aromatherapy being practiced would be in India, France, England, and the United States, although it can be found in dozens of other countries as well.

Here today, I am introducing you to one such brand – WIKKA. I had been using Wikka’s beauty potion for almost a year and there again tried two more products from the same brand and had no reason for not sharing it with you.


with green tea extracts

PRICE- 1,500.00/ 40 gm

Sunny days can be really skin damaging and going out without a Sunscreen is a BIG NO! Often sunscreens are too sticky and this is one of the reason we often skip applying them. But knowing the importance of the same, it becomes essential to find a good sunscreen. Here is what I have to say about WIKKA SUN PROTECT.

WIKKA Sun Protect SPF 30+ with Green tea extract, a hybrid suncreen, synergistically enhances sun protection, by decreasing free radicals in the skin caused by exposure to the sun, and reducing inflammation. Wheat germ Oil packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Carrot seed Oil, which doubles up as an antiseptic, contain naturally high SPF factor giving you broad spectrum protection from UVA & UVB rays. With anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of Lavender and Geranium to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, you can roam around freely in the sun taking care of your other important things in life after your skin.

ESSENTIAL OILS- Chamomile German, Lavender, Geranium.


  1. Packaging- It is packaged in an enticing wooden textured cardboard box. Inside which you find frozen glass bottle packed in a plastic with a rope tied around the lid’s neck. The rope contains two tiny tags which have brand tag along with the description tag giving you a brief about the products. You will also find a tiny wooden spatula inside which helps you to take out the product from the bottle, maintaining the hygiene. All the ingredients are mentioned on the box as well as on the bottle. The packaging is as always like it’s other products is not less than amazing.
  2. After Opening- After opening the lid, rich Chamomile fragrance gets straight into your head and without even thinking what all benefits it has, you just would want to apply it. Unlike most of the sun protects, this one doesn’t have medicinal smell or any pharmaceutical essence attached to it; instead it is therapeutic and heals sun damaged skin from inside. The white cream inside has a thick texture and looks like buttery cream.
  3. After application- You take a decent quantity over your spatula and apply it all over the face. I did not feel that I am applying a sun protect as it glides and embeds into your skin so well. It didn’t give any film over my skin instead felt like skin. Non-sticky, non-greasy and easy to apply.


The essential oils not only help you in making your skin look cleaner and brighter from outside, also from inside these oils would be working, which in no time will start showing its effect.


I am loving this sun protect! I can apply my makeup over it and go out without looking cracked or cakey. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles which I surely believe in. I could see a visible difference in my fine lines. You might also see some effects like reduction of pigmentation.

All in all again, price could only hold you back from buying it. But if you love your skin, this is a must have.

You may buy it HERE

More about WIKKA (www.wikka.in)

Owned by Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, the key attribute for beauty was purity. Married into a family of royal lineage, Rupal was exposed to a life of regal traditions and beauty secrets known only to blue blood. Beauty practices had changed little over the centuries in her household, where simple natural products were used in grooming and maintenance.

Regular visits to their family owned Aromatic plantations and Mango Orchards stoked her interest in Aromatherapy leading her to become a qualified Aromatherapist from London.

I hope it helps you in choosing the products for yourself and if you have a different opinion on the same and would like to share, please drop in the comment section below so that others can get your opinion as well.



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