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Diwali is just after few days and to my bad my FAVORITE TRESemme Shampoo and conditioner bottles were finished at the same time. Now, I had no time to visit the general store and asked my brother to get me TRESemme Shampoo and conditioner which has a pink stripe and meant for Rough and Dry hair (Yes! 🙁 ‘Cuz of the hair gels,blow drying and endless culing and straightening- my hair have got through a lot of damage!!).

So,when he went to the store,hew saw lot many variants and had no patience to look for the one I wanted. Then out of frustration,he told me,”Dude! Why don’t you buy it online and save my and yours time both?”. I was like Uh! Why did not I think of it? Then, I picked up my laptop and start browsing through the offers and guess what I saw? A COMBO PACK with A FREE STRAIGHTENER !! Wohhoo !! Deal of the day. 😉

I saw it on many websites but it was out of stock and then AMAZON.IN  got my eyes. Phew!! It was available and that too, in many options.Initially I could not believe that if they are giving the combo on the increased price or it’s the same.Is the offer worthy or not? Moreover,it was my first purchase from So,I had questions on my mind like how many days of delivery? and will they be sending the products in the mentioned condition. Because I had no time for returns and exchange things.

What I did first is to through the reviews mentioned under the product. You also must do it as it will help you to make a better choice. There were few negative and few positive ones. I thought it is good enough to be given a try.

The product was mentioned on the price of Rs.433 and when I checked there price individually Rs.360 was for 580ml Shampoo Bottle and Rs.83 for 85ml Conditioner bottle.Now,if you have calculated I have actually SAVED Rs.10 and got a small handy straightener for FREE. ‘HAPPY ME’. 

Read on more to know how was my experience on my first purchase from

My Experience with :

Well, I would say GREAT !!

I ordered.Product was delivered within 3 working days.No shipping charges added.

Want me to say more? Well I really can. I am really happy the way everything was hassle free and just right on time.The product was sent in a safe cardboard packaging.


Products inside were sent in the TRESemme see through packaging. It had shampoo,conditioner and YES,a straightener inside it.

As, you can see there was no leakage, no mishandled packaging. Nothing.Everything smooth and hassle free.

Product was delivered as promised withing 3 working days and as I had received them I was excited to try the straightener as I have already been using the shampoo and conditioner.

About TRESemmé :

TRESemmé is a brand of haircare products first manufactured by Godefroy Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, starting in 1947.

TRESemmé has many collections of great hair shampoos to choose from. They will have you looking glamours with hair that feels silky smooth.

My Experience with TRESemme :

The TRESemme offer is valid on almost all the variants of shampoo like the Keratin smooth shampoo, climate control shampoo, smooth and shine shampoo,split remedy shampoo .I have a bit of rough,dry hair and this is why I have been using TRESemme Smooth and Shine Shampoo for almost two months now. When I started using it I could actually see the difference and this why continued to go with the same.


In the combo pack the shampoo comes in a big bulky professional black bottle in the quantity of 580 ml and should last for almost 2 months.I love the fragrance of the shampoo and it lasts for a day.


The consistency is perfect and it lathers really well.You need a single wash to cleanse your scalp perfectly even if you have long hair like mine.Though,when the scalp is oil massaged then you might require a second wash. It takes away all the dirt, grime and oil in one wash. The best thing is that it controls the frizz to a great extent. Yes, it makes my dry hair manageable by adding moisture and controlling frizz.

I make sure I use the conditioner after the wash. It makes my hair smooth and soft. The conditioner in the pack is only 85 ml but it is good as a sample size and you can see the difference and re-buy if you like it too.

Even if you are not happy with the shampoo then DON’T LEAVE THE CONDITIONER. After taking view of my friends also I realised I am not the only one who is loving TRESemme Conditioner. Before using the shampoo,I was using the brand’s conditioner alone with another shampoo. I love it!

Free Straightener :

When I unboxed the straightener box,it was nicely bubbly wrapped and first response was Awww!! LOL 

Yes.It is a very tiny mini straightener and I was not sure if it will give me really great results on my hair.But then I thought nevertheless even it is of some use,I will still be happy.


Since the straightener is from the professional range the quality is really good.Though a bit of patience is required if you have long length. It is very portable.So,you can easily carry it in your bag and use it anywhere. It does a fair job on the hair but with a bit of hardwork.Probably, because I have heavy and long hair. Though after a good effort,hair remains straight for entire day and it doesn’t turn my hair frizzy even when I skip using a heat protector because it comes with ceramic plating. Still I would recommend using heat protector.


 The straightener turns off automatically when it’s overheated which is really good to avoid any burns or accidents. Overall I am happy with the effects of this straightener and as a free gift it’s the best you can get. 

Gain :
  • Shampoo cleanses hair really well
  • Controls frizz and make hair manageable
  • The fragrance is really fresh and lasts full day
  • Conditioner is a must recommended
  • Conditioner makes hair smooth and soft
  • Straightener is from the professional range
  • Straightener is travel friendly
  • Price worthy combo
  • Effects will be seen after few washes.Do not expect change in a week. 
  • Straightener is not good for long and thick hair

Rs.433 for Combo (includes 580ml Shampoo and 85ml Conditioner and a Mini – Travel size Straightener FREE)

Final Say :

Tresemme Styling Kit Combo is price worthy. You can buy it online ‘cuz I doubt if you will still find it in the store. I recommend this offer wholeheartedly. The shampoo cleanses my hair, makes my hair smooth, soft and adds noticeable shine to them. The straightener is okay to use but does a fair job.Might be a good choice for short and thin hair. I am delighted with the whole offer and glad that I bagged the offer before it ended.

So,you also wish to try the same. CLICK HERE before you loose your chance to grab one.

Until then,

Keep styling and Stay Chic

Load of Love

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