We were driving down to Agra to explore the city which is known as the land of one of the most remarkable monuments in the world, the Taj Mahal. All packed and set, me and three friends along, we started early morning for a not more than 3-4 hours journey from Delhi. Excited and sufficiently packed, we were driving down the beautifully made highway which has made our life easier compared to earlier days.

It had been just 2 and half hours of drive, and we were enjoying the music and the vibe of reaching a new city in just another hour or so. But, to our nightmare, the car stopped midway on the highway. I thought, not today! Thankfully, after playing around the battery and other wires, it started; we continued with our journey, hoping that it won’t happen again. After we reached Agra, we made our way to a restaurant to eat something before starting with the city tour, which had to begin at the Taj Mahal.

Much to our annoyance and surprise, our car broke down again! I believe it had to be the battery, as we had checked everything else. Checking the battery had never been on the checklist, until this day. We tried everything, again; but this time it just didn’t start. We tried googling some car servicing facilities around the area; two of them refused to come as they were not free, and others said they might take 3-4 hours to arrive. We too were had begun to lose our patience by now as we were hungry. Also, the thought of our trip getting busted left us all in a sour mood. My only weekend had been sacrificed on our beloved car!

We asked some locals, and they helped us in finding a nearby mechanic. As he got down to fixing the issue, he told us that our car battery was the culprit. It had become overheated, and this is why we had a breakdown, twice. This revelation left us pretty baffled as we had gotten our battery changed only a few months back! It had not even celebrated an anniversary yet! He told us it is all about the quality and power of batteries and assured us that this new one would go on for long and won’t give us trouble like this ever again. Keeping my fingers crossed, I thanked him with a ‘hopefully, yes’ look on my face.

We toured the entire city finishing our Agra trip with this experience and came back home.

It’s been three years now; same car, same battery, and almost 11 cities in India and we have never had to go through the same ordeal again. The batteries we got installed in Agra were Amaron’s.

Needless to say, I was impressed with the mechanic’s suggestion. Since then, I keep suggesting my friends to shift to Amaron batteries as well. To my amazement, half of them were already using it, and I felt like a fool, thinking in which world I was living!

With my personal experience, I can say that Amaron batteries have an outstanding performance and maximum service life, thanks to features like advanced electrolytic paste and patented SilvenX plate technology, which also helps to combat corrosion and the need of periodic maintenance.

So, now without any worries, I can happily explore different cities, eat, shop, enjoy, without being bothered about any more random car breakdowns killing our whole mood. Don’t forget to check your car before you plan your trip next time. Install Amaron batteries, if my word matters.



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