JANUARY FAB BAG 2016 has arrived finally.The bag which has been delivered this time is not textured or sequined instead it is a graffiti bag. It has soft,off white color with lot of cosmetics printed over it.’GIRLY’ is the word.

Now,this bag can sure shot be your beauty pouch. It looks like the one which has been made for your everyday make up essentials. This January Fab Bag has products almost 5 times the price you would pay for one month’s subscription. This is like ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ . Truly speaking,this is my personal favorite fab bag so far.

Theme of this month FabBag was Beauty Resolution and I guess this why it has come in a such a unique look. Going on to the products,let’s have a look what I got into My January Fab Bag 2016.

  1. VOTRE FACE SERUM (Full Size: Rs. 1670/- for 12ml)
  2. NATURAL BATH & BODY – CLAY MASK (Rs.450/- for 100ml) & WHIPPED CREAM (Rs.275/- for 50ml)
  3. B:BLUNT SPOTLIGHT HAIR POLISH (Rs.550/- for 150ml)

1. VOTRE FACE SERUM (Full Size: Rs. 1670/- for 12ml) – Buy Here

It’s a full size product. I love using face serum. Not many of us are habitual of using serum and oils but if you believe in what I say then face serum are something which you MUST use as they provide and extra layer of protection for skin and keeps the skin healthy.

This VOTRE Face Serum comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for application purpose. I am looking forward to use it for sure and will tell you what effects or changes it had on my skin.


2. NATURAL BATH & BODY – CLAY MASK (Rs.450/- for 100ml) & WHIPPED CREAM (Rs.275/- for 50ml)

This time FabBag has introduced the brand ‘Natural Bath and Body’. The first impression of the products is really good to me as I have already used the whipped cream but not the clay mask yet.

The packaging of the both the products is very clean and like any luxe product.


The whipped cream came in a pretty yellow tube.It has very light consistency serum kind of cream which is specially recommended for oily and sensitive skin. I have a combination skin and gave it a try as it claims to be loaded with Vit. E. This actually makes your skin soft and supple but has one thumbs down point that the fragrance is not something which you might like. At least I did not. But otherwise it is an amazing product to try.


This clay mask is yet to be use though the consistency of the mask is as thick as mostly cream masks have. The best part is that it actually smells like French Red Clay if you have ever got a chance to smell that. It has soothing smell basically. Rest about the effects,I will tell you about the product individually.

Both the products came in sample size.

3. B:BLUNT SPOTLIGHT HAIR POLISH (Rs.550/- for 150ml) – Buy Here

This is the product which I was actually waiting to try. I was planning to buy this but was happy that it came in my FabBag.

It claims to give dull hair a glossy,smooth finish and has been specially created for Indian Hair. Its has Provitamin B5, Vitamin E and Silk Proteins protect hair from environment and imparts shiny look to your hair. I hope it proves to be what it claims to. If it does then it will be my BAD HAIR DAY savior.


I have heard a lot about this product moreover on the price it is being offered I wished to receive it in a sample so that I can decide if it is worth the price.I chose it from the makeup products options I received the last month. I have applied it once and the color looks lustrous to me as it is hot red. Rest I will upload full review on the same and will talk about it in length.

As you can see in the swatch the color is hot red and lustrous. I am more of a matte finish lover but once in a while glossy and shiny textures work for me. It has fragrance and no idea about contents as it had no cover with mentioned ingredients on the packaging. It was sealed with a Transparent Tape which was shocking to see as the brand is offering quite an expensive lip color and this packaging is not expected. This is the second product which came in FULL SIZE.


So January 2016 Fab Bag comes with 5 products – 2 Full Size & 3 Samples. The bag value is on an average of approx. Rs.3300. You can buy yours from this link and avail 10% off.

Loved this bag or you have different views to hear on this.Share your experience in the comments below.

Until then,

Stay Chic,Stay Fab




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