MAMA- Masters Academy of Makeup Art is a renowned makeup training studio in Delhi, foundes by Anu Kaushik( and Liz Guruszka(, who are beauty moguls in bollywood and hollywood respectively and are backed by their massive experience with lot of celebrities and magazines. Now, Shalini (www.stylebyshalini) is handling MAMA along with LIZ. To tell you in one line about her, she is an International Trainer and renowned Makeup Expert.

Recently, I was invited to attend one of the makeup master class on Cut Crease Eye makeup in their studio. It was my first time to visit any makeup studio and hence I would not really compare this one with existing ones in Delhi. However, I will give you my personal opinion on how much I could learn or if it was helpful or not for me. Being a makeup hoarder and self taught with some training attained during my airhostess course, I do have a fair knowledge on applications, terms and techniques related to Makeup. Why I mentioned that is to make you feel that my opinion would be unbiased and will be at its best.

My experience with MAMA was really a learning one. A thing which they would constantly insisted on saying is- “You don’t need more makeup instead you need the right makeup”. By makeup they wanted to tell you that it is not necessary to buy lot many palettes, foundations, brushes, etc., to be a good makeup artist instead all you need is the right colors and palettes. Surely, I agreed to it.

Same rules apply on the application of makeup “Less is more”. The brand believes in not letting your makeup being felt by others rather want to apply makeup and still look as natural as possible.

While reading more about MAMA, I realised that their founders have worked with lot many celebrities and as I mentioned before have an enticing work background. Why is it important? Because if your teachers aren’t right, learning won’t be. That’s obviously, right!

Coming back to the master class, we started with a subtle cut and crease eye makeup and also tried 5 minutes Smokey eyes tutorial that too with the BLUE HEAVEN Kohl! Oh! I wonder if I would have ever bought it before I saw how well it was done with it. I came back home and ordered it immediately. I will try to recreate that look on my channel for you guys supersoon.

Apart from the Makeup Session, the founders were happy to answer all the queries and in between gave lot of makeup hacks and even informed about the products you should never even think of buying and ofcourse the Must Haves! Also, the session was followed by wine tasting by Sula Vineyard and cheese snacks from Mooz formaggio, who sponsored this class along with GAIA Green Tea.

At MAMA, with their enriched courses, one gets to learn the basics to intricacies of Makeup and until you are an expertise in your game, they don’t let you go out with the certificate. That means, when you are certified by MAMA, industry belives that you are trained at your best.

The studio will give you a platform to meet celebrated professionals from fashion, media, films, and art. Even few of them offer their guest visits to enlighten you with latest makeup trends.

MAMA has one more unique quality unlike many others, they will offer you a makeup kit worth approx. 50k which is inclusive in the amount you pay for enrollment. The kit is inclusive high end brands and makeup tools one would need to start or to even go ahead as professional MUA.

More you can know about them by visiting their website:

Also, on this 1st of May 2017, MAMA’s Beginners Professional Makeup Course is starting which is a diploma course to be a professional MUA(Makeup Artist).

I would say that do visit the studio, find out more about this course and if you like them too, do enroll.

Disclaimer: The views are personal of the author and before enrolling please do check with the studio.


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