I got really late while coming back from office today. I was dead hungry and to my utter shock I realized there was NO MILK and NO MILK means NO COFFEE for tomorrow.NO COFFEE NO ENERGY. Just then I realized that why not order it online and I remembered one of my friend telling me about this app – PEPPER TAP.

Pepper Tapyour on-demand grocery app brings you the power and convenience of ordering groceries and fruits & vegetables in your hands. A few taps on the phone and within 2 hours, or at your chosen time slot, you will see the products knocking at your door! Currently available in Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Chennai. More cities coming soon.”

Immediately, I searched for this app in my iTunes store (which I just wished should be there and not a paid app, hopefully). Hurrah! Got it and then this whole online grocery shopping from my NEED TO BUY list begun. Keep reading to know more.



After downloading the app, I could see a pop up window which said ‘GET 15% OFF ON YOUR FIRST ORDER’. Now this was enough motivation to go on.

Then a screen with few categories appeared which was very well DEFINED and SORTED one. So, you basically don’t have to wander through whole maze of products and look for the ones which you want.

It was convenient to search for your choice, every category had mentioned products on the welcome screen itself like if you want to buy Potatoes, you can tap on Fruit and Vegetables section and select the quantity. It was given in GRAMS which can further be changed into KILOS as well. *IMPRESSED*.

Then I had few more products added into my basket which I wanted for next morning.



After going through CHECKOUT process and choosing my delivery slot. I chose my payment method as COD from the options given and Woosh! It was done. All this process was done in just FEW MINUTES.

Being the first time shopper, I had an EASY, CUSTOMER FRIENDLY and HASSLE FREE SERVICE. I can’t wait for the order to come tomorrow and yes can sleep peacefully now.

Note: I also checked out the pricing with other apps and found PepperTap competitively priced. So, you can be stress free about the prices mentioned.

 Recommended : Yes! You must try this app and read below why?
  • Customer Friendly, Hassle Free App
  • Neatly Defined and Categorised
  • Expect your order to be delivered within 2 hours or in your preferred time slot which is the USP of using this app.
  • There is an option for COD, net banking, and card along with popular PayUMoney
  • First-time Customer can claim a discount of 15% over and above ongoing discount on items.
  • Free delivery for orders over Rs.350/-
  • The app was quick and did not take too time to load.
  • Good Savings on all the products.

All in all, a great and easy way out for people like me who are living single or have less time to shop or may be are too lazy for grocery shopping because it kills your weekend or an off. Let PepperTap do it for you people. Now,one less thing to worry about in life.

Hope this helps you in finding the best daily needs stuff,share your experience with me.I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Until then,


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