Culottes have been one of the runway staple last season and will be there the coming season as well. They have been run and ruined in the best possible way by the bloggers,celebrities,fashion leaders etc.

These wide above the ankle pants are at times challenging to wear but when you get the key to wear them correctly,it can make you leap out of the crowd and make you look like a walking fashionista.These are one type of pants which I personally love to wear. You can style them casually,professionally or for a brunch/lunch/dinner date.

Yes,anywhere and everywhere and they would not disappoint you to bring your fashion game up. These versatile pants will look good with crop tops,you can layer them for winters or the way I have done in my outfits.

As I said before,Culottes will be staying for 2016 and this is why I chose to wear one outfit and style it from office to brunch date time. I have a great liking for culottes and found them a great choice for a date look or office wear as one time they can look strictly professional and just with change of few accessories and shoes they can give super chic lady like look.

Before checking out the outfit let’s see what are Cullotes :

Culottes are a feminist item. Their progressive status is somewhat ironic, given the history of male culottes – posh French legwear which was so upper class the revolutionaries who stormed the Bastille were known assans culottes (the term was a badge of honour, but had originally been a slur coined by the aristos the sans culottes would go on to topple).

Women’s culottes first appeared when Victorian ladies got active. Initially known as “split” or “divided skirts”, their two-legged nature was concealed by ruffles or panels, but gave women the freedom to ride bikes and horses properly. Later, culottes became a key part of the iconic uniform of the Guides and were sported by fashion visionary Elsa Schiaparelli, an early adopter of the kind of culottes you’ll find on the high street this season: ostentatiously and unapologetically biped. In 1931 her “divided-skirt” unified the British press: they hated it. Culottes as we know them were considered manly, with hints of lesbianism.


Now,as we have known what Culottes are it is time to have a look how I chose to coordinate my culottes for office and then later wear them for brunch date.

Look – Office wear

Culottes can look extremely professional as they are pants only a bit wider and above the ankle than the regular ones though. I took medium sized culottes in solid mustard color which was in woven fabric from a local ‘INCENSE,Delhi’ store. I don’t know if you can find them outside Delhi,but if you can trust me it is equal and better than many existing fashion brands. Then I got this versatile polka dot shirt from H&M and as I saw this in the store I knew it can be worn in more than ten ways.I have balanced out this outfit with brogues from and a faux leather handbag by Not to forget is the DONUT BUN,this can go from office to date in a very elegant way.

Have a look at the pictures :




Look – Brunch Date 

Choose culottes for a perfect brunch date outfit. If you are like me who loves sophisticated look and love to adorn a lady like look then this outfit is for you. All you need to change in the above outfit is shoes and bag and just add some pearls. It is chilly outside,I took a warm tweed jacket in a nice green color and can wear it like a cape when it gets cold outside. I love pearls and they were the essentials to turn this outfit altogether from office wear to brunch date.

Have a look.


Outfit Details :

Shirt – H&M

Culottes – Local Store,Incense,Delhi

Brogues –

Strappy Heels – Add Ons

Clutch – Local Store,Stilettos,Delhi

Faux Leather Bag – Fab alley

Pearl Bracelets – Forever 21

Watch – Gucci 

I hope this could be of any help to you in choosing your outfit when you are planning to go for a brunch or a date after office.

Have fun styling out.


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