There are no official reports of thigh high socks to be trending this season but do we really need permissions?We don’t. It’s AUTUMN and we need to look cute, come what may. These tall socks take us back into school girl days but thanks to the pop culture and Britney Spears for bringing them to us as the fashion element.

Many of us love winters because of it’s chilly weather but also because of the high fashion look we can manage to pull off every day without looking like we have overdone it. But there is a silver lining to it and that is : being bundled up in your coat and scarf. How about wearing a dress in winters and still keeping yourself warm? Well, you can do that with your thigh high boots but aren’t they expensive to buy and also in mild winters they can actually make you sweat.

Here are what comes to your rescue : THIGH HGH SOCKS.

”An INR 300 Dupe to your INR 3000 boots. ”


These socks coming in multiple colors are cozy, ultra flattering, and honestly way easier to manage than cumbersome stockings. So while you might equate knitted socks with lounging around at home, wearing tall socks works equally well for those times you’re out and about.

Thanking the creative DIY’S going viral these days, you may actually turn your thigh high socks into thigh high boots.

Tees for outing and shirts for office, I am that kind of girl. Especially when I just want to be easy and not really dressy kind. But like always, I want to keep my outfit impressive.

I found out that few of the very cool, cute, quoted and even basic tees on and hence planned my whole outfit accordingly. The way look turned out to be has been one of my personal favorites.

Overly cute mickey charges up my mood every time I am wearing this. This is it look for pairing up your thigh high socks in a casual style. You may choose to go with short skirts and high neck loose pullover look balanced by a messy bun or you may also wear overcoats and these socks with boots for a chic look.

Hope you liked this look.

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