Take me to the place where no one knows my name. Hold my hand and show me the places I have never seen before.

Hold my hand and show me the places I have never seen before.

Let me explore myself a little more. You say a few things to me and let me tell you something you never knew about yourself.

There will be days when I might feel adrift, bring me back. I am a happy human with a sad soul.

I wonder how the world will be if there was only love.

Show me the right color of love.

I want to see the red shade of love and not blood.

Those steps I could not take before, I want to walk that path now.

New cities, people, culture excite me. I want to know them more. Will you join me, my love?

I have begun my journey and I will not be found anymore.

If you are looking for me, there will be a memory of mine near a sea shore.

or, may be near the lamppost which was never seen before.

I might have also crossed the bridge from where you are admiring the city right now!

I could have taken the same cab you are taking right now.

Go, make yourself lost in the city which you have not seen till now.

Featuring this bohemian dress with golden polkas from YEPME .

What I love most about this dress is semi-sheer fabric with knee-high slit and knotty sleeves. The close to victorian sleeves which are trending this season will keep you up with running fashion. The knee-high slit is there to give a peek-a–boo to your nice shiny legs and still leave a place for imagination.

I styled it for a hippie theme and paired it with the turquoise band and suede boots which are again winter’s favorite.

You may find the similar dresses on their website and style it the way you want to.


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