BOYS ARE THE NEW GIRLS? Is it? This is no new trend. Women in menswear are nor a cliche neither a fashion which is widely worn by women outside. But Yes, it is a fashion statement which makes many of us swivel our heads, mostly for all the good reasons. We have often seen women dressing up in menswear clothing and that is not confined to the runway, instead of outside runway as well.

Be it rigorously tried and accepted trend of boyfriend denim or boyfriend blazers,brogues or tuxedos, women have always loved trying out something or the other from menswear collection. The best part is to see the eye catchy styling they come out with. Some might not be very experimental, whereas there had been many who have gone out of the way. Women are  seen to be going shoulder-to-shoulder with the guys in suits—two- and three-piece alike, shirts, ties, fedoras, brogues, and all.

”Close observation shows these women’s canny methods for playing fast and loose with the menswear rulebook. As technically “masculine” as a tailoring might be, the looks being paraded around—light-colored suits, typically with narrow cropped pants and slim-fitted jackets—hardly come off as straightforward cases of cross-dressing.” (extract from Vogue. )

Be it straight outta men’s closet or inspired, women are lucky to wear pants without looking like a fool (was just imagining a man in the skirt, no offense meant to Scotland :p). Anyways, today’s post is on the same theme.

ELYSIAN HOMME – a designer menswear brand,which has the collection ranging from classic trousers, dhoti pants, scarves and shirts for . Being a menswear brand, it was a challenge to style the outfits for me. I got very excited for two reasons. First, as this was the first time for me to work with a menswear brand. Secondly, it is always exciting to get new projects.

Menswear clothing is not that tough to style as it looks like and you will know it looking at my images. Though, they might look coordinates to you but trust me they are separate clothing items. There are few more looks I will be updating which you will see in my upcoming posts. For this look, I kept it more of office like and took the safest route : MONOCHROME.

I believe, when you can’t decide what and how to style, monochrome is the best option to go with. I chose to style ELYSIAN HOMME crispy white shirt with a spiky top button with black color half pants. The colored stripes at its hem broke the monotony of the whole look.

The whole look came out to be so fierce and is one of my personal favorites too. Hope you like it.

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