‘RED’ – Color which brightens up your mood,is full of passion and symbolizes love,rage and courage.But,often this color of love is found to be not everyone’s first choice.

We see many celebrities from Bollywood to Hollywood,donning this pretty color every now and then but in regular life we often skip on it.

The reason is that we usually get anxious while choosing the right red for us.The one which goes well on our skin tone. Be it in lip shade to choose from,nail lacquers or a little red dress.Either we find it too bright for a day outing or too loud for a night out. Even,we don’t usually prefer it as our office outfit color.

But what we don’t know is that there are various shades of reds to choose from which you can pick according to the occasion or for your regular wear.

Such is a fashion girl’s life is *grinning* ! We just don’t have one red you see.

We have a red then we have a cherry red,rose-red,merlot red, crimson red, scarlet red, and I am not stopping here;we also have sangaria red,wine red,blood-red and the list may go on.Damn!this complicated this can go.

When in doubt wear Red – Bill Blass


Red is a very attractive color and a perfect red dress can get you that WOW attention. The color in itself has that power that it can make you look bold and confident. If you know your skin stone then choosing the right red for you is not that tricky.

Here are a few reds which can go with respective skin tones :

The color’s shades fall into three categories: cool, warm, and neutral. These categories directly correspond to skin undertones.

TO DETERMINE YOUR SKIN TONE –  Look at the underside of the arm in natural light and check the color of the veins on the wrists or near the elbow. Blue or purple veins indicate cool undertones, while yellow or green veins correspond with warm undertones. People with neutral undertones have blue-green veins.

Cool Skin Tones – Auburn,Brick,Crimsorn,Cranberry,Cherry,Maroon, Raspberry

Warm Skin Tones – Cinammon, Copper,Poppy,Ruby,Rust,Scarlet,Vermilion

Neutral Skin Tones – If you are this,Lucky You! Most of the reds goes well with this skin tone.

I have a neutral skin tone and I chose a scarlet red for myself. I saw this dress at MADAME and on the first look itself I made up my mind to buy it. Usually,MADAME outfit don’t fit me that wll but somehow this bodycon got me bang on. The best part about this little red dress was its studded shoulders. The perfect combination of feminine shape and bold shoulders made me instantly go for it.


Silver,Gold,Black,Whites are most widely used to pair up your prefect red.I went with the classic way and chose a quilted gold color sling and had my white and beige stilettos on.

Curly hair swept one side added an extra charm to the outfit. Have a look :


Go ahead,skip the black and dare to wear red.

Your comments will be appreciated.Drop in your suggestions or let me know if you want to say something about his post to me.


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