This is something not in link to the posts I usually write,but it is an interesting idea which I wanted to share with you all.I really got excited to see a website named ‘PAPERLESS POST’ where they encourage you to celebrate your every birthday as it is your 1st,18th,25th or 50th.

The purpose is to ask ourselves that why to celebrate only milestone birthdays with a bang and not plan every ‘Birthday like a King/Queen’.

I also agree that most of you are like me who love every birthday of yours and CAN’T KEEP CALM AS IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH OR BIRTHDAY.

I am one of those folks who get excited on their birthday almost four five months prior.You won’t believe it and might find it funny too,I usually call or text all my friends to remind them that my birthday is approaching and must not forget to phone me. LOL.

Till now the best unplanned birthday I had celebrated was my 22nd birthday. The birthday bang continued for two days and my friends and family gave me 5 surprise birthday parties.I just could not feel anymore blessed.Though I do not have any images of that to share but it is as fresh in memories as it happened yesterday.

The nest one was my 24th one. Two of my #BFF’s planned this for me with a cute invitation sent to almost twenty people.It was a huge birthday brunch. We were in college for our post-graduation and I had my exam just after my birthday day but they made sure it will be cherished as the best one. Now I can say,Indeed it was.

My birthday falls in May and it is super hot month of the year in most of the Indian states.So,we had arranged a brunch party with my college mates where the theme decided was Summer hues. We had a lot of fun together and the birthday became one of my memory which I cherish till now.

Now,26th birthday is approaching not very soon but as I told you I get excited few months in advance and have already started pinning down on my scrapbook what I want my 26th birthday to be like.

Like my 24th one,I want some quirky,sweet invites to be printed and want to celebrate it like a kid. I always wanted to have one party where we can be school kids again. ‘BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY’

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Cute double side braids,pleated skirts,knee socks,neck ties and white sneakers.*NOSTALGIC*

I want to play those musical chair games again,draw some strange doodles and play hide and seek.Share our best school memories,stories about our teachers and friends. Ah,those days. I want to celebrate my coming going back into those days.

Don’t we grow on the cost of loosing all that fun. I want to relive those moments and this is how I want my 26th birthday to be.



Paperless Post helps you create online and paper stationery that reflects your individual aesthetic. Our distinctive, customizable designs and powerful online tools make it easy to communicate expressively on any occasion—from everyday correspondence to milestone life events. Paperless Post collaborates with leading fashion and lifestyle designers, including Kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and John Derian. To date, Paperless Post users have sent over 85 million cards.

I am sure you will have some great ideas planned to celebrate your birthdays.Don’t forget to try PAPERLESS POST Invites to help you get your chic,quirky and lovely invites designed for you or even you can design them for yourselves.Click here for some exciting online Invites.


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