We are almost on the edge of saying A WARM GOODBYE to our chilly,sometimes pleasant winters.The cold weather is about to see us off but as the temperature rises,our very own mother rain is ready to bring it down.

As the weather is playing games,it becomes hard to decide if we shall go easy on layering as it might get cold by evening or is it the time to adorn our spring dresses.

For me,I like to b on preventive side and not take the weather lightly. I prefer wearing something warm but light. This is why I love dress coats during this season.All you gotta do is just put on a coat and wear some leggings if the weather is a bit chilly or miss them if it is a little hot outside.Rest what is needed is just a pair of booties and a classy sling to complete the look.

This is a monochrome look but if you are not that single color lady there are always colors waiting for you to splash onto your outfits and give your outfit a new edge.Here,I preferred going along with monochrome idea.

I bought this cute dress like coat from Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi on a very low price,I guess 450INR. Isn’t that cool?

I got this one last winter but had almost lost it in my heap of clothes.It is a nice warm tartan pattern coat. I chose to wear black legging and Forever21 lace up booties with the attire to give it a more chic and doll like look. The quilted black bag from Forever21 added an extra grace to the whole outfit.

If you’re short on outfit ideas, don’t forget about the power of a monochrome look. Pick a blazer and trousers in similiar hues, and accessorize with same or a contrasting color, like pink heels.

Here are a few images from the outfit I styled for myself :

Add a splash of color to give a glam spark to your outfit.I picked up a bright red knitted scarf to give a pop of brightness to the monochrome look.

Hope you liked the post.

Stay Stylish.


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