Dressing up for an occasion or a party is not as easy as it looks like, right. You might take hundred’s of inspirations from Pinterest, still en up getting confused whether to go with THIS OR THAT. At least, for me I make the whole wardrobe go upside down just to find out one piece of clothing which would make me outshine amongst others. This is why, when I got to know about this newly opened STYLING CAFE – EKATRIT, Defence Colony, I thought I need to check this out.

Now, what exactly a styling cafe means?

Ekatrit has come out with one of its kind concept which is still new in India. Gladly, they are first one to think of it. As the name ‘ EKATRIT’ suggests, it is one house which is built up unitedly with the mix of designers and brands under one roof on a customer friendly price range.

As you enter the styling cum cafe house and tell the stylists out there about the look you want, all you got to do is take a sip of a coffee there in-house patisserie and wait for them to choose everything for you. Now, before your coffee is over they are ready to style you.

Have a look here, how they had styled me and my friend who is also a blogger – THE INSANE DOLL  for our pajama party.

Cute Much! Isn’t it? I am literally not pajama person. I frankly had no idea how to choose one good look for myself. Thankfully Ekatrit was there to help me with it and this how we looked 😀

Later, I had to get styled for a wedding engagement of my friend. The stylist at Ekatrit asked me how I wanted to keep that look for myself. If I wanted something on really heavy wedding look or a light classy Indian look. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible yet not look like someone who has just rushed out of the home without thinking what to wear.

Hence, they gave me few options and I choose a gorgeous designer Indian dress by RISHAB GOENKA. From the color to the silhouette, everything was just perfect and then jewels from IKEBAANA were there to balance the whole look.

Check it out.

More images from this look are in the lookbook. Do check it out here.


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Wow you look gorgeous 😍😍😍 even I am looking for something like so 😍😍 btw


Hey Mansi,

Glad to hear that. Thanks a lot.

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