We women,we just love jewelry. Be it the dainty,tribal,clannish or statement.In any form,shape or size,we just can not stop drooling over them.We want them and we want them all.

Messed up Pretty

Recently,I came across this website with a unique name which was as appealing as their jewellery collection is – MESSED UP PRETTY.

Luxe to daily wear or traditional to modern,the brand will suffice your thirst for accessories in all possible ways.Very reasonably priced the collection has been selectively picked to offer customers an exclusive range of accessories which is not only good to look at but is also beautiful to wear.

This online shopping has come a long way and is known for its ritzy collection.If you have not bought anything till now,then you must give it a thought.

Earrings,Neckpieces,Earcuffs,Bracelets to Earrings,this one website has the solution to all your accessories problems.The new collection launch was seen to have accessories which are hard to resist,marble effect stones earrings and bracelets,gold drizzle danglers and pretty headgears,which are easy to style and are very much in trend.


Messed Up Pretty is an online shopping destination  for tribal-chic accessories and more.Our aim at messed up pretty is to provide you with the latest trends in the world of accessorizing and always help you style yourself up with ease.

we feel that sitting in the comfort of your own home,you should have access to the best fashion available globally,at the best prices possible.Our designs go beyond a single genre to accomodate a plethora of styles to suit different tastes of our customers

Our general idea is to make every single client of ours-spoilt and pampered.

Messed Up Pretty has been curated by founder Kavya Chaturvedi,who is an entrepreneur and fashion/food blogger at

Here are few images from the collection which I tried on myself.

You may check out the site for more collection HERE and on their INSTAGRAM page HERE.



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