If you are a professional or a beginner,make up lover or a professional make up artist;then this post is meant for you.From a very long time I had been looking for some budget friendly make up brushes to start with. I already few basic make up brushes by VEGA but what I was looking for more variants in brushes like for contouring,blending brushes,highlighter and almost everything.

I began my search online and offline both and found out that a branded set of brushes was literally burning holes into my pocket and I had no idea if the brands I was not aware of would be good enough to use or not.

Plan B was taken into action,I read through almost 10-15 brand’s product reviews and there I saw this ‘MAKE UP FOR YOU’ 24 BRUSHES SET on the price I just could not believe.

Rs. 795. YES. It was this CHEAP.

But as a normal customer I was a bit skeptical about the brushes as on this price 24 brushes gave me a thunder shock and was a little hard to digest.

I went through the brand and it was claimed to be #1 BEST SELLER on AMAZON. This made me straightaway jump onto the reviews. It is RATED 4.5 out of 5 Stars and then I started reading the reviews. The product has most of the positive reviews but there were a few who mentioned that brushes were not in good packaging or the hair have fallen out on the first use etc.

Now, I had to rethink on buying this brush set but finally I made a decision to give it a try to buy it. As Amazon is known for its incredible service,this product was delivered to me in three days as promised.

It was delivered in carton box and nicely wrapped. After unboxing it was a soft leather case as shown in the images in a plastic wrap. I immediately took it out and started to have a look at the brushes and few trials begun.

After opening the strings of the pouch which was not really a task,there were these make up brushes inside. If you are a make up lover like me,you will understand the sight was a DELIGHT!

The pouch has a flap on the top which will keep your brushes in place and protect them from falling out when it is wrapped again.


As we of the reviewers mentioned the pouch was torn or not in good condition,I don’t know it’s luck or the manufacturer have worked on the service but the one I have received had no flaws. Instead,it was in a nice soft leather pouch with brushes enveloped in a plastic cover.Very clean and impressive packaging.


If you have seen on the screenshot the products were ordered on 5th of Jan’16 and I had received them on 8th of Jan’16(that is not mentioned on the screenshot). Since then I have been using them on daily basis to make my review more confident if the brushes worked fine for me or not.Let’s read what are the Yes and No for this set :

Best Part :
  • Soft hair and comfortable for use
  • Perfect for both studio and personal use
  • Wooden handles just like the VEGA ones,if you have used them.
  • Have firm holding handles
  • Affordable price
  • Travel friendly as comes with a storage pouch
Can Be Improved :
  • Hold of powder on the brush is a bit less.

But at this price that is the only fall back these brushes have. Else they are amazing to start with.

Last Say –

I love this set of 24 brushes. None of the brush’s hair fall out COMPLETELY. They are doing a great job for me.They come with a storage pouch which makes it even better as it is travel friendly and save space to store.

Excellent packaging,soft hair on brushes,blends well and application is easy and at this price 24 brush set,you must not really RETHINK to buy.

GO FOR IT. It is totally worth it.

You may buy this cool set of brushes HERE.

Let me know if any of you had a different experience.Would love to hear from you.


Note : All the products either sent by the brand or purchased by us will not affect the honesty of the review.

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