2016 is a bashful year of Pokemon Go & crazy filled news around. Even you must have also read many such news that goes around nowadays and such hilarious trolls on Facebook, Twitter and other social pages! A game which has taken the reign of everything! And may be Facebook & Whatsapp are in real deep terror of this virtual app! What do you think girls?

Some great philosopher had once spoken that ‘if you’re doing something passionately and ardently (even if it is something hilarious, do it like a pro!’ That’s the trick! Dress up in this quest of Pokemon searching like you’re going to fight with your worst enemy today. So, here is some cool street style list of western dresses for girls which you should wear while hunting through Pokemon Go.

Scroll on Hippy…

Calf Length Dress

Adore your girly look with calf length dresses or midis. Show off a little more by pairing it with white or silver sneakers and metallic watch. Choose a boho printed dress for a unique show of fashion. Because your hunting would need to be comfortable and smooth.

Shirt Kurti Or Dress

Explore latest western outfits and rely on the number which actually goes with your personality. Then why not a combination of shirt style kurti or dress this time?

Bag out a shirt style dress and pair it up with gladiators or knee length boot heels.

Jeans & Jacket

So, you are little bossy and like to be called Tom Boy!? No probs, we all just love them XOXO

Pull on a pair of rugged jeans and cover your top with a classic denim jacket. Now this is denim over denim look. Finish off your street style look with tassel loafers or boat shoes.

Shorts & Lace Tunic

You must have encountered snazzy types of online western wears till date!? Denim shorts and lace style have always won our hearts like a snap. So here is another combo for the fashionista inside you.

Only for your sexy legs and cool times with Pokemon Hunt, denim shorts and lace tunic will be perfect. Pull on this look with platform shoes or sneakers. They are comfy and great for the illusion of height.

Culottes & Spaghetti Top

You don’t mind a cup of coffee with your enemy at 3 A.M., if you’re in your comfy pyjamas! Isn’t it dear?

So, here is fashion pyjama right from the closet of designers. Try baggy culottes and spaghetti top during your venture days and don’t forget to wear flat footwear with them.


And yes girls, do not over-do your fashion with extra jewellery and carrying loads of accessories. A clutch and pendant will do.

Now you have the list. Girl, go and find the beast…


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Nice collection & information , thanks for sharing.


Wow, you leave me speechless
I really admire your dressing sense.

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