How often do you feel challenged being a woman? How many times you have been treated unequally just because you are not a man? How many of them in this cruel world judge you on the basis of your sexuality?

Many times, I am sure.

But you are still standing tall and fought them all. Why? Have you asked yourself ever? Not yet? Ask.

Women have determined the course of events and the forms of human culture. We originated, founded, governed, prophesied, created great art, fought for our rights and for our people.

Still, the women power is underestimated. Till today, we doubt their capabilities and their power to turn around things if put into full use.

But, why m I talking about this today?

Well, because if we open our eyes we would know that women have still not achieved the equality they deserve.

I remember, recently when I went out with my girlfriend and while parking our car, this gentleman came horrified towards us and asked, ”if we can safely get our car out of the parking area ?” The thought on his mind was that we should not bang into his car which was exactly behind us.This is a really funny incident to disclose the pea size brain many people have today.

My question is, ”why you judge a woman?”

Just because you have seen a few of the funny videos or may be in real. That doesn’t mean you will put that judgment on rest of the women around you. Think about it and live and let others live. Respect each other. Be it a man or a woman.

Every day rapes, eve-teasing, sexual assaults, and honor killing are not even disheartening they are heart wrenching. God has created such a beautiful figure as a woman if you can not respect them at least do not harm them.

You are born out of a woman and you will be buried or burned into one. 

Remember that.

Anyways, I coming back to my fashion thingies. I got this another beautiful Sari and wanted to style it in a fierce way. So, unlike many others tried balancing the whole look with boots and wavy hair.

The woman in me wanted to scream out loud that my outfit doesn’t depict if I am weak or strong instead it show’s my grace and elegance in every way and in whatever I wear.

Bindi, an ornamental mark which holds great importance in Hindu Culture since ancient times was worn by me to give it a powerful Indian lady look.

The purpose was to show that I might be wearing a Sari but it doesn’t stop me from hustling amongst that male chauvinistic crowd and creating a name.

I will keep walking and achieving the heights I have planned for myself. My attire and my feminity are my pride and not my hurdle and it should not be yours too.

Stay strong and confident in whatever you do. Regardless of issues in your personal or professional life. Never let them bring you down.

You have the power of the whole universe. All you got to do is; use them wisely and use them to your full potential. Don’t look back and while embracing your flaws and failures; walk ahead of others.






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More power to all the women out there. Rise & Succeed.

From a WOMAN to a WOMAN.


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