I am sure you must accidentally discovered a trick in your life which has streamlined your life. Or should I say has simplified your beauty routine. If you are someone who has no more time to spend an eternity in front of mirror for getting ready or simply want to make the best use of your existing makeup, check out the following list:

1.Long Lasting Curled Eyelashes :

For curled eyelashes that stay for long, do not just rely on an eyelash curler. Instead heat it a little using a blow dryer and then use it to curl your eyelashes. The heat will curl up your lashes beautifully and will also ensure that the effect stays for long.

2. Wake Up Effect For Your Eyes !

If you want an instant wake up effect for your eyes, make use of a nude eyeliner. A flesh toned eyeliner when applied on lower waterline can instantly open up eyes. It is the best bet for women with small eyes who want to make their eyes pop. Make use of Nykaa coupons to purchase one at discounted price with the bonus of Cashback.

3. Matte Lipstick Hack

Before you apply a matte lipstick, do this: Take an old toothbrush and gently scrub your lips to remove any flakiness. Apply a lip balm and blot it using a tissue after 5 minutes. And then apply your lipstick. Your matte lipstick will go on much smoother and the finish will not be patchy.

4. Product Expiry On Your Tips

This tip is fantabulous for makeup hoarders! A major struggle for them is to remember whether a product has expired or not. Put that misery to an end with this genius solution. When you purchase a new product, write its expiry date on it with a permanent marker. That way you will know when to toss out a product.

5.Increase Your Lipstick Staying Power

If you are someone who literally eats lipsticks and is fed up of seeing them vanish, then do this: Apply lipstick and then blot it using a tissue. Pat transparent powder over it and then apply another layer. This will actually lend a good staying power to your lipstick.

6. Eyeshadow Lacks Pigmentation? Here is a remedy?

Do you have an eyeshadow which you love dearly but it lacks pigmentation! Here is good news! You can still afford to use it. Just grab a white pencil, apply it on your eye lids roughly and then pat on your eyeshadow upon it. You will be surprised to see how vibrant the eyeshadow appears. You can also purchase an eyeshadow primer using Amazon coupons which also extends the wear time of an eyeshadow.

7. Get Over With Broken Compact Blues!

So you just bought a new compact and it broke. Instead of getting broken hearted, here is what you should be doing: Buy rubbing alcohol and pour a little quantity of it in a tin. Also put the broken powder bits in that tin. Swirl them together with a cotton swab until you get the right consistency. The consistency should be something clay-like. Pour this mixture in your compact and let it dry for a day. It will as good as new!

8. Reuse Your Mascara Wand!

You invested your money in an expensive mascara just 3 months back because it helped you achieve the most voluminous and curled eyelashes. Now it’s time to throw out but you can’t bring yourself to do the same. Since it is the brush which matters majorly to achieve the effect, dump the solution but keep the brush with you. Clean it off properly and use it with other types of mascara.

9. No More Lipstick On My Teeth

Lipstick on teeth is always embarrassing. To avoid that from happening, just do this: After you have swiped your lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and slowly suck it out. The extra lipstick will land on your finger. Tada!




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