Sunday Breakfast Diaries – ‘Karnal Haveli’

Oops ! A little late to post because of Killer Monday which comes along with hell lot of work and meetings along with it.By the title itself you must have got a hint of what this post is gonna be about.Yes! It’s about my Seventh Day- SUNDAY. Btw how was your Sunday? Sleepy..Outings..Friends..Fun..Right?? Usually, mine … Continue Reading


Louboutin’s ‘Something Blue’

There was a period, when Christian Louboutin shoes were available with baby blue soles. These were related with an intention to enable “something blue” for brides-to-be but was very short-lived due to certain trademark issues. Did you know this? 😉


Baggy Jeans Fact

  The low-waist baggy pants originated in the prisons of Los Angeles, where inmates were not allowed to wear belts to hold their pants in place. Did you know this? 😛


Before bed routine for Happier Mornings!

After a long eight hours of work,meetings,daily chores and replying to all those watsapp,facebook and other social networking craps(blessing at times *wink* ), all I want to do is come out of my fitted pants and change into a loose long tee and pajamas with a cup of green tea in my hand. Not only this, … Continue Reading


Know this if you wanna be a Haute Couture designer !

To be a Haute Couture designer, one must get approved by the Chamber of Syndicale, the governing body of fashion in Paris. How serious is the approval? Well, only 14 fashion houses have been approved out of the vast amount of designers we consider haute couture. Some of the non-approved applicants are great designers, such … Continue Reading


Vintage Or Retro

An apparel or any item is considered vintage only if it is made 20 – 100 years ago. “Retro” refers to clothing or item made to replicate a vintage pattern or style of a different period. Did you know this? 😛


Runway Fact

The 4 major International Fashion Shows takes place in the following order – first in New York then London, followed by Milan and the last is in Paris. Each of these cities hold a fashion show twice in a year– February & September.  Did you know this? 😉    


Must Explore Places in Jodhpur- ‘The Suncity’

Travelling is so much fun and a mode of rejuvenation for many of us.Isn’t it? Well,for me it is a major stress buster and excuse of exploring places as well as myself. This article is about one of the beautiful and old cities of Rajasthan which I have literally fallen in love with.Tradition,culture,or be it rawness of … Continue Reading


Monsoon Stylized for Men

Hello Chic People, In our last lookbook we shared looks for women but on request from my male friends I am sharing few monsoon look for men.  Few points to remember are –       1. Colors and Patterns to Look For Trying out pants ranging from bright yellow and salmon pink to warm earthy … Continue Reading


Monsoon Lookbook

Hey there, Thank You for coming back to us. Check out these cool outfits to flower up your wardrobe with some interesting collection.Do drop your comments after checking the blog. Monsoon Look 1 – Rainbow Dressing This full collection is made on My Limeroad Scrapbook. Click Here to know the product details and do follow if u … Continue Reading