Must Have ‘7’ (Faux) Leather Accents in Your Closet this Winter

Hello Fashionistas, First of all, I hope September is being kind on all of us.With this month giving us major moody weather,trust me I am desperately waiting for winters to arrive. By the way, I believe we all are taking proper preventive measures to save ourselves from dengue which has actually taken down many lives … Continue Reading

3 Things to Look Out For When Buying A Louis Vuitton Bag – Infographic

Counterfeiting of the products have been major concern for the luxury brands. Makers of luxury bags,watches and clothes have dragged many sellers into the court for selling the copies of their expensively and artistically crafted products. From a very long time,luxury brands have been finding out ways to identify real products from the counterfeit ones. … Continue Reading

Trend Alert – Autumn/Winter’15

Hello Autumn,let’s get going for some shopping.Before that let’s see what’s in trend. The autumn 2015 fashion season is up on us.With the spring saying bye,time is here to see what fall season has in pockets for us. I really love this season and find it most chic and fashionable time of the year but … Continue Reading

Hello September !

Look who has been here – SEPTEMBER. Bye-Bye Spring and Welcome Fall ! Well as well all know,this is the last month of the third quarter of the year, and the beginning of the -ber months, the year is gradually wounding down and I’m so excited and I’m sure so you must be. Enjoy the … Continue Reading