AktivHealth is India’s renowned and first-of-its kind comprehensive centre of Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services. The brand offers a range of personalised health and wellness services for men, women and kids at its world class centres in Delhi NCR.

Founded by leading German orthopaedic specialist and former surgeon, Dr. Gerd Mueller MD, AktivHealth focuses on the non-invasive treatment and prevention of all types of chronic and acute musculoskeletal problems as well as neurological disorders.

Introducing state-of-the-art, German designed rehabilitation equipment together with our team of experienced and certified medical professionals led by Dr. Mueller and MBBS, DSM, we are committed to providing our patients with European standard medical care, personalised one-on-one treatment and leading expertise in the field of non-surgical orthopaedic, and neurological rehabilitation, pain management, prevention, sports medicine and weight management. – Activ Health

From last a few years, I had been facing acute back pain and tightening of few muscles which according to me could be because of my wrong sitting postures, long standing hours, wearing high heels during my cabin crew-days and even today or may be reason not well known to me. For long, I kept letting it go but sometimes pain becomes so unbearable that I had to consult someone who can guide me well about the problem, its causes and cure.

I came across AktivHealth and found one near my residence, booked an appointment and went to consult a physiotherapist. I was assisted by Physiotherapist Deepali Badoni who took a one on one session to know my problem areas. After knowing the areas I feel regular pain at, she did a physical examination and found out what exactly the problem I was facing which was causing continuous back pain to me. She did a session with me to loosen up the muscles and helped me with exercised which i must follow in routine. Also, was advices to take regular sessions to keep my body and muscles in healthy condition as in general life I hardly workout.

AktivHealth has renowned and well-learned physiotherapists and trainers to give a personalised assistance to you. With the range of packages being offered by them planned according to your lifestyle and timings, it becomes convenient to go according to your schedule.

Why choose us?

  • Unique Active therapy clinical protocols for long-term recovery.
  • Advanced german tech equipments.
  • Latest treatment modalities for speedy recuperation.
  • Bio-psycho-social holistic approach to heal chronic pain patients.
  • Combination of modern medicine with traditional pain-relieving therapies.
  • Diagnose and treat the root-cause of your health conditions.
  • One-on-one physical therapy.
  • Live pain-free: Bend. Twist. Jump. Lift. Run. Climb up and down the stairs, irrespective of age.

The unit is well-equipped with advanced german technology, in which some are exclusively available with the AktivHealth and have been ordered internationally to give the best possible cure to their clients. Pioneer in health and gym equipments, Schnell is the technology ActivHealth is equipped with.

Separate areas and floors are designated for different problem areas and the Vasant Vihar Centre (the one I had visited) has three floors with a Cardio, Ortho, Fitness centre, diagnosis and treatment rooms for their clients.

Not to miss is AktivHealth also offers services at home. Visit http://www.aktivhealth.in/about-us/ to know more.

If you had been facing such similar issues and are seeking recommendation on knowing your problematic areas, I would suggest to give AktivHealth a visit for sure.

Hope this helps!


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