Hey There! We are here.

Hello Chic People !!

After waiting for so long,we are finally on board. *Tears of joy flowing down my cheeks*

We are all set to give you latest fashion,beauty,lifestyle and lot of DIY tips, which
I am sure will make you stand out in your friends,neighbors,college or for your yourself.Giving you the feeling *Uh! I did that.You wanna know how?* LOL.

So, I am not gonna keep this post really long but just want to explain a few things
(as this is our first post so we are allowed to brag about ourselves*wink*).

1. We are ‘CHIC’ and not ‘CHICK’.

To explain it better CHIC V/S CHICK (posted in Hindi also for reference)

Sketch Courtesy- redbubble.com

Clipart Courtesy – Cliparts.co

2. Why Indian Chic?

Frankly! Nothing specific but I found this term new and catchy(Unused unlike Fashion,Trend,style etc.).

Moreover,it defined India’s beauty in terms of clothes,lifestyle,places,home decor or anything for that matter. Something which is Indianised Chic and Not Parisian Chic. So, I thought why not spread this word on large.

Cliche it would be to say,I love India and the way people here adorn fashion.

Fashion takes all together a different turn in India and I want to bring it to you all.

3. What is Indian Chic?

As of now, just a small fish in the blogging pond which will make you swim

through chic,street,and cool stuff in fashion and lifestyle area. So that we grow together and learn together.

Okay!That’s it about Indian Chic. Hope you keep visiting us and sharing our posts and your thoughts.


Hugs & Kisses



Hi, I am Kiran Khokhar, a Delhite, an Ex- Cabin Crew, a Post-Graduate in Fashion Management, and an Entrepreneur. ‘I am an ardent fashion follower with kaleidoscopic eyes.



Banner,Thumbs Up.Looking forward to your posts.




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