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Days have started getting shorter and nights longer and colder. Weather has become pleasant in Delhi and I am totally in love with this season and waiting for it to get more colder.Delhi’s winter have their own charm,peace and style.

You must have read or observed that Flare denim have marked their way from summers to winters this year very smartly.They are my favorite denim cuts,hence I will try my best not to be biased while telling you the reasons choosing flare denims this season.These denims have been a #must have in the closet in my past,present and in future as well even if they are in trend or not.

Flare denims have been the style of 70’s and since then fashion icon have opted for multiple ways to style them for more voguish look season by season.

You may still be on the fence with flared denims, but below mentioned are the reasons why you must have a pair of flare denims :

  • A pair of wide leg denim will always give you a look which would be classic and chic. Flared denims combined with high heels brings the image of classic fashion icon who have flaunted their denim looks at their best.Be it Jessica Alba or Victoria Beckham they have aced the style of carrying these denims and ushered this on going trend.


Image Source – denimblog.com


  • If you choose to wear high waist and a long hemmed structured flare denims, they adds an instant length to your legs. Also,add a pair of heels for few more inches. 😉
Image Source – Pinterest.com



  • Love the curvy look? Then you will love these denim too.Wide-leg denim is both forgiving and flattering, accentuating the curves you actually want to flaunt.There are different washes available too. You can try from dark blue denims to white washed ones.


Image Source – Pinterest.com


  • All the time skinny will make your wardrobe boring.A new pair of flare denims will add some flares and freshness to your closet and SWAG comes free with them. 😀
Here are few images of my outfit in flare denim :

I am a lover of nautical stripes and the moment I saw this top at ZARA,I knew that it will be a multi outfit top. With these flare denims I chose to wear this striped top and it gave me a very nice brunch look. Though I also wore V neck T-shirt,denim shirt and even boho or retro sleeves blouses over this flare denim for some different looks,which you can also try.

High waist denim can also be teamed with crop tops for quick casual look.Also,when worn with a formal coat, they can be you comfortable office-wear too.

Let’s have a look at my outfit :











I hope that this post was of any good to you guys. Do comment and subscribe if you love it or for any suggestion or query. I am listening. 🙂

Will come up soon with new outfit posts.

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