Flowy, boxy, unstructured silhouettes have been trolling in the fashion world just as fishnets. You may call it a wave of change that called for “WELL-FITTED” to become a passé. Be it the reason to let your skin breathe or just wear anti-fit to be in fashion, this trend surely is surely not going anywhere, anytime soon.

It is not so that loose fit apparel has recently become a rage, they had been there from last two years but have been talked about a lot, off lately. From runway to fashion weeks, the anti-fit trend has become favorite of all.

In contrast to the handful of designers choosing to create the styles that suit top- or hip – heavy women, and are relaxed through the waist. This time around, there’s a refreshing increase in the number of such designers. Some could sniff the need of it and some thought to tap the market the others had been missing out on. The best part is that this fashion is not restricted to only healthy women instead slim women have been trying them more often to look fuller and fashionable.

How to rock anti-fit?

  1. DRESS THEM WELL: These easy breezy dresses made of cotton or linen are best for summers and humid months. For a brunch look, you may pair your outfit with a pair of sneakers for a sporty look and put on your sunnies to slay the whole look.
  2. RIGHT ACCESSORIES: Choose minimalistic accessories or maybe add a scarf to enhance the whole look. You may even choose to wear bandanas, they totally rock in summers.
  3. DENIM?: Yes! For me, that’s the best way to style them. Wear your ripped hem denim or maybe with flared denim to that ‘IT’ look.
  4. LAYERING: One can never go wrong with layering. Layering works best on such fits. Donning a long denim shrug/jacket over it or layering it under by wearing a shirt underneath. Not only are these extremely easy to carry off but also look massively classy when paired with a fitted silhouette.

Here below I am wearing a cotton mesh loose fit dress by WEARBIAS. The brand is known for its unusual fits and clothing meant to break the stereotypes. The fit which is meant to fit all.

BIAS – a brand started by Shruti and Mridu, is a young fashion label focusing on wearable, original clothing. Their need to have their brand known by more people got these 2 young Entrepreneurs to come together and see their dream take shape.

“BIAS was born with the thought of making pieces to live in, offered at an approachable price. We wanted to balance real life and fashion by making simple, yet interesting pieces. We also wanted to make clothes that we would want to wear ourselves; very ready-to-wear, versatile, inspired by clean ’60s and 70’s style.” – Says the founders.

Have a look at MY OUTFIT from BIAS:


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